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20 Immigration Lawyer Leads In 30 Days With Google PPC Ads


In this post, I’ll summarize our most recent Google Ads client case study and share the 30-day lead generation results we were able to achieve within the immigration law niche.

Our client specializes in immigration law and focuses primarily on spousal sponsorship and immigration from select countries. To get them more consultation we set up a simple Google Ad campaign that funneled traffic to a single high-converting landing page that had a call tracking phone number that was forwarded to their firm’s front office and a contact form that sent the lead’s contact info straight to the client as an email notification.

Most leads were generated via live phone calls during office hours, this was a mix of calls directly from the tracking number on the landing page and a few calls from the call extension on ads. Let’s delve into the numbers over the 30 days, focusing on one ad group:

  • 149 Clicks
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 4.85%
  • Total Cost: Just under $900
  • 20 Conversions
  • Cost per Conversion: Approximately $45
  • Conversion Rate: Around 13.3%

While ideally, we aim for a conversion rate of around 20%, the $45 cost per conversion was a win in this space. These leads translated into several four-figure deals and even a five-figure deal within the timeframe, making the client very happy.

The simplicity of the process was key—the leads were primed, having researched online, read reviews, and were ready to engage. If you’re interested in having us run a similar campaign for you, click the link below to get in touch.

Click here to visit the original case study video.

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