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18 Handyman Leads In The First 30 Days With Google Ads


In this post, I would like to share a case study of a Google Ads PPC lead generation campaign for a handyman client. I will demonstrate the results we were able to achieve in the first 30 days and explain how, despite being a very simple campaign, it has turned out to be highly profitable for our client.

The Google Ad campaign directed traffic to a single landing page which encouraged visitors to call the tracking number on the page. In addition to this, we received calls from the call extension on the ad itself. We had previously included a contact form on the landing page, but the client asked us to remove the form as they preferred live phone calls over form submissions.

This campaign’s budget was quite limited, at only $25 per day, which translates to approximately $750 per month. The campaign was a search campaign, which resulted in a total of 137 clicks. The click-through rate was almost 8%, while the conversion rate was 13%. Our target conversion rate is around 20%, but we are making progress towards this goal. We achieved a total of 18 conversions with a cost per conversion of $41.67.

Our client found these leads highly valuable and sold several four-figure jobs for small renovations and fixer-upper projects around the house and yard. The client was extremely satisfied with the return on investment produced by this Google Ad campaign.

Through experience, we have learned that simple campaigns, accompanied by high-quality landing pages and clear and straightforward ads tend to be the most successful, particularly in the home services industry. To get the best results in the handyman niche we closely monitor the search terms report to identify new negative keywords and conduct regular split testing on the landing page.

If you are a marketing agency that has a handyman client and wants to use our white label ppc services you can click the link in the main menu. If you run a handyman business and want to get some help with your Google Ad campaigns please visit our contact page to get in touch.

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